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Stained glass panel
Inspired by William Morris and the demise of the Dove Press
By Zoe Angles

Width 47 cm Height 5cm

After the closure of the Dove Press, owner Thomas James Cobden-Sanderson made plans to prevent the Dove Type from getting into the hands of his ex-business partner Emery Walker. Over a series of months in 1916, Cobden-Sanderson went at night to Hammersmith Bridge with the type, punches and matrices, carried in a wooden box, wrapped in brown paper tied with string and threw them into the River Thames. His actions were only discovered on his death. Cobden-Sandersons widow paid Emery Walker an out of court settlement of ?500, to compensate him for her husbands destruction of The Dove Type

To the Bed of the River Thames, the river on whose bank I have printed all my printed books, I bequeath the Dove Press Fount of type the punches, the matrices and the type in use at the time of my death, and may the river in its tides and flow pass over them to and from the great sea for ever and for ever. TJ Cobden-Sanderson.

Price: £950.00

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