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Early oak Orkney Chair
Oak and straw
Circa 1920
Height 107cm Width 67cm Depth 60cm
Orkney Chairs at first were nothing more than a low round stool covered with straw. Orkney is void of timber, so straw was a good agricultural by-product to use. The design then developed into a low chair with a straw back some two feet in height. The hood was added, possibly to shelter the occupant from draughts. At this stage the seat remained round and the covering of straw went down to the floor

The early chairs were all different dependant upon the materials available to the maker. Commercialised Orkney chairs started around 1890 after two chairs were displayed at the Fifth Scottish Home Industries Association International Exhibition in Edinburgh. They generated widespread interest with their hand-craftsmanship and vernacular design
By 1910 Liberty & Co had 4 standard models for sale

Price: £1,850.00

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